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Western Skies Photography, by Steven and Dori Lewis: bringing you landscapes, wildlife, and flowers from around the world, with a focus on nature and history in US National Parks, Monuments, Historic Sites, Recreation Areas, and other public lands. We enjoy traveling around the United States, learning about the flora, fauna, and history of an area and bringing some of that back home with us in the form of photographs. When we have the opportunity to travel internationally, we make time to take photographs that relate back to nature and history as well.

We are very invested in our photographs. We want to understand the animals, and their behavior before we photograph them. Understanding the subject is key to recognizing behavioral characteristics of an animal; it allows us to anticipate what some animals may do and anticipate a photograph. It may take hours of patient (or not so patient) waiting to get a wildlife photograph. Many times after a long wait, we end up with no “good” photographs, but we have learned something of the animal’s behavior or the history of an area. Waiting is often a good time to read or educate ourselves on new photography techniques, if the weather permits.

We strive for photographs that tell a story or show some animal behavior. We donate some of these photographs for educational uses. We hope our photographs will spark a passion for learning and preservation of nature in future generations. We also volunteer at Usery Mountain Park, near our home, where we teach photography classes, and we hope to expand our volunteer efforts as time permits.

All of our photographs are of wild animals, some may be collared, but they are free. We do not believe photographing game park animals is the same as photographing wild animals, however there are times that some subjects can only be photographed in a captive environment, for example many animals are nocturnal and difficult to capture on film. So we commit to fully disclose when we display a photo that is of a captured wild animal, as well as the circumstances of the capture.

We have been published in Cowboys and Indians magazine and Wyoming Wildlife, a publication of the Wyoming Game and Fish and Game Department.
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